Sunday, May 24, 2015

New York – Chelsea – Pace Gallery - Lucas Samaras Album 2 Exhibition

New York – Chelsea – Pace Gallery - Lucas Samaras Album 2 Exhibition. A new exhibition of works by Lucas Samaras  entitled Album 2 at the Pace Gallery Chelsea, until June 27, features 700 photographs and a mirrored room installation.


Pace Gallery Lucas Samaras Album 2.  Samaras continues his exploration of manipulated images and identity with 700 digitally altered images that sit on a shelf lining the longest lengths of the gallery. Comprised mostly of self-portraits, the photographs reflect the artist’s unrelenting self-inquiry. Among the recent self-portraits, Samaras has interspersed personal family photographs with childhood images of himself, transforming the project into a personal archive and a biographical inquiry. The manipulations of the photographs refer back to the rainbow-tinged Auto-Polaroids Samaras began in the 1960s and his Photo-Transformations of the 1970s. Using a range of techniques from filters to mirroring and doubling, Samaras’s manipulations form visual metaphors for the psychological probing and self-investigation that appears throughout the artist’s oeuvre. The filters and changes that characterize this massive body of images also refer to his proto-Photoshop works of the 1980s and digital videos in the 2000s, constituting something of an archive of previous techniques.

Pace Gallery Lucas Samaras Album 2. Download the app with all the images in the exhibition and a new text from the artist.

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New York – Lost Weekend NYC – Surf and Coffee Shop

Photograph courtesy Lost Weekend NYC
New York – Lost Weekend NYC – Surf and Coffee Shop. Lost Weekend NYC is a coffee, surf and lifestyle shop in the heart of the Lower East Side. It’s a cool. It specializes in great coffee and quality products for surfing and hanging out around the city.  They carry surfboards, stored in the window, sunglasses, T-shirts, surf magazine and coffee by Parlor. There is also a photo gallery, which is currently featuring photos by James Parascandola
Lost Weekend NYC.  The espresso coffee machine La Marzocco is absolutely the best and makes the most delicious coffee. The coffee is made with a blend of Ethiopian and Guatemalan beans.
Lost Weekend NYC – Espresso coffee can be had at the communal table in the center of the store or standing up and ready to go.
Lost Weekend NYC – surf and coffee shop – the surf T-shirts and magazines

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New York – Ralph Pucci Showroom – Vladimir Kagan Book Signing Party

New York – Ralph Pucci Showroom. Ralph Pucci is surely one of the most beautiful furniture showrooms of the City.  The strong mix of furniture, art, photography, lighting and crafts can certainly compete with the breathtaking views over New York City’s water tanks and skyscrapers.
New York – Ralph Pucci Showroom – Vladimir Kagan Book Signing Party. To honor one the early pioneers of modern design a book signing event was held in the Ralph Pucci showroom; Vladimir Kagan – A Lifetime of Avant-Garde Design is published Suzanne Slesin’s by Pointed Leaf Press and has a forward by Zaha Hadid.
Above. Vladimir Kagan has a passion for architecture and sculpting which is evident in his latest collections of strong contemporary and uniquely modern furniture. With a career that spans forty years plus, Kagan's early designs are timeless and are now considered classics coveted by collectors for their originality and fine craftsmanship
Christopher Farr and Ralph Pucci
Designer Paul Mathieu and his Aria Chaise
George Beylerian, David Ling and Louise Beylerian

Artist Barbara Lajoie with her The Men Mural paintings
Gary Paul and Justin Cordes


Lena Smart, Ken Smart, Xavier Lust and Emilie Dujat

Vittoria Di Palma, architect Ted Abramczyk, his light Linear Cumulus in the background and Taddeo

Ralph Pucci - Dana Barnes – Furrows 
Amphorous rectangular floor covering of exotic fibers  

Artist Dana Barnes with a detail of Tangled

Nelita Leclery and LEB
“I love this light” – Italian designer Paola Navone

Cinta Delmonaco, Michael Pucci and Drew Johnston

Maria Pucci – photograph by EJ Camp – Trumans Beach Rock

Terry Emmons and Herve Coeur

May-Britt Frank and Gisbert Poppler


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New York – Meatpacking District – Santina Restaurant

New York – Meatpacking District – Santina Restaurant. Though designed by Renzo Piano, as you approach Santina it looks more like a temporary glass structure or a beach restaurant, up for the “season”, than a permanent structure with it’s orange and blue stripped umbrella tables. Inside and outside it is very understated chic, even “tongue-in-cheek”, it’s a mixture of global trendy references, achieved by the Murano chandeliers, the blue-and-white Julian Schnabel broken pottery art installation on the back wall, the colorful Vietri pottery and the waitresses wear “bowling uniforms” in shocking pink and white. It buzzes. The modern glassed-in space is situated right under the High Line and close to the Whitney, on what used to be the coast of Manhattan where some of the city's first farmers market once stood; Santina takes inspiration from the neighborhood’s history with a menu that highlights vegetables and fish. Dishes like Giardinia Crudite, Spaghetti Blue Crab and Bass Agrigento integrate Italian coastal cuisine with modern culinary sensibilities. It was created by the trio behind Carbone, Dirty French and Parkm; by Mario Carbone, Rich Torrisi and Jeff Zalaznick.


Santina – The colorful pottery hand-made Vietri plates
Santina – Avocado Trapanese Cecina
A big flat cecina “pancake’ is brought to the table in its pan together with the chosen stuffing and sauce ready to be assembled.
Contessanally Taste Stars *****

Santina – Fusilli Santina
Contessanally Taste Stars ***

Santina – Lime Meringa
The meringa is smashed at the table with a spoon and then drizzled with custard.
Contessanally Taste Stars **

Photograph by Susan Simon

Santina The blue-and-white Julian Schnabel broken pottery art installation
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