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Veneto - Follina: - Music-Style – An Impromptu Recital in a Brewery

Veneto - Follina: - Music-Style – An Impromptu Recital in a Brewery. During a drinks party in a seventeenth century farmhouse surrounded by Prosecco vineyards, in the Veneto hillside, an impromptu recital was decided on, seeing the amazing musical talent  “on hand”.  The venue was the Gregoletto’s brewery space, S.U.V., (Spazio del Uva e del Vino or space for grapes and wine), used for the first time, for a musical event. The stars of the show the esteemed flautist Wendy Hancock and the soprano and One of Britain’s most versatile performers Sara Stowe.  An electric harpsichord keyboard and a foldable music stand were set up in a the corner of the brewery, in front of a wall covered with original posters, designed by various artists, all relating to the world of wine, commissioned by Giovanni Gregoletto.

Above. The multi-talented soprano and harpsichordist Sara Stowe engaged us with her beautiful voice and charismatic interpretations, sometimes accompanying herself on the “harpsichord” though mostly accompanied by the magic flute of Wendy Hancock. The repertoire was early Baroque and Medieval music, most of which was taken from Anne Cromwell’s Virginal Music, a manuscript of keyboard compilations dated 1638. Though both artists had never played alone together, they both make up the female parts of the Early Music group Galliarda.

Music-Style.  Though not in theme with the rest of the music, by special request, Amazing Grace was movingly played by Wendy Hancock and beautifully sang by Sara Stowe. The hand written musical score was especially adapted for voice and flute by Sara.

Music-Style – Wendy Hancock.  Wendy is a Baroque flute, recorder and viol-player. She is also a performer, lecturer, teacher and writer on music and related subjects. She is playing on a copy of a Grenser 1770s flute, especially made by Anthony Arnold.


Music-Style – Sara Stowe. Sara is a soprano, percussionist and 
One of Britain most versatile performers.  As a British Council awardee she studied the voice in Milan and worked with noted Italian composer Luciano Berio. Her ability to characterize her voice in so many different styles has led her to perform and record with a wide range of new and Early Music groups. She engaged the audience in the chorus of the love ballad, The Lass of Richmond Hill, written by Leonard McNally, music composed by James Hook in 1789.  The song was a favorite of George III.

         The Lass of Richmond Hill

           On Richmond Hill there lives a lass,
            More bright than May-day morn,
            Whose charms all other maids' surpass,
            A rose without a thorn.

            Sweet lass of Richmond Hill,
            Sweet lass of Richmond Hill,
            I'd crowns resign to call thee mine,
            Sweet lass of Richmond Hill.


Music-style – Anthony Arnold.   Maestro Baroque flute and recorder maker Anthony works in Nottingham and has been coming to the Veneto for decades.  “I make late Baroque flutes after Rottenburgh and Grenser.  They have adjustable registers and corks so that they will work well with a variety of pitches and embouchures. The Grenser flute above is made in Blackwood and Vigoplas and has a register and an adjustable screw cork. The sound is bigger, and the top notes seem easier to play in tune.” He explains.


S.U.V. - Birra Follina. In the brewery, host and gracious hostess, Giovanni and Virginia Gregoletto stand in front of the beer making section. The other half of the space is devoted to a “wunderkammer” which he calls Spazio del Uva e del Vino, everything dedicated and related to the world of wine making. The space is also used for book launches, events, exhibitions, and now music. The Gregoletto winery is nearby and the family is known especially for its still Prosecco DOCG. In fact one of the wineries famous customers, the late great Italian actor Marcello Mastroianni used to order 1000 bottles a year of Prosecco tranquillo for his various homes.  In his own right the eccentric Giovanni, amongst his many schemes and activities, has also branched off by himself and produces not only a sparkling Prosecco called Ombra, along with his latest venture beer, Birra Follina and, a book, soon to be launched, about his greatest passion, wine.


S.U.V. – Birra Follina. Guests were invited to taste the new Birra Follina after the recital. It is a special artisan-inspired Belgian-style blonde Abbey ale, pure malt, fermented in the bottle, therefore, unfiltered and unpasteurized.

S.U.V. – Birra Follina. As artisanal beer is “never precise” – Mai Precisa, you can choose between one made with high pressure or low pressure.

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Monday, July 28, 2014

London: Word-Style – Poet - Betsy de Lotbiniere

I am a picture

taking a

picture of

a picture

waiting for


which is instant

these days

Betsy de Lotbiniere

London: Word-style.  American born Betsy de Lotbiniere is a poet, writer and curator living in London.  At home she is surrounded by words and phrases which inspire her. Here are some of the stories, memories and inspirations behind them.   “I say a thousand words are better than any picture.” She states.  Her latest essays can be read in, This Is Not A Book About Gavin Turk, edited by Rachel Newsome

The Dining Room - Mantelpiece - I am a picture poem postcard. This poem came to me one rainy night when I saw two identical twins at a bus shelter. About 16 years old, these gangly boys were wearing the same striped t-shirt and black jeans.  One twin took out his phone and started taking flash photographs of his twin, the other twin laughed then took out his phone and was taking flash photographs of the other twin. As they kept doing it, they became more and more hysterical in their laughter, exchanging phones, snapping and trading back again and you had a feeling their souls were merging into one.  I wanted to capture that feeling of disorientation, of loosing track of where one thing ends and another begins.  Also what it’s like to have grown up in an analogue world, where you had to wait for image results, now living in a digital world where everything is instant.”
The Bull. My sun sign is Taurus.  My friend, the brilliant artist, Victor Pimstein, who lives in Spain is also Taurean.  We get a lot of teasing for being bullish.  But then everyone goes quiet when you mention the top two Taureans: Shakespeare and the Buddha.  Victor, who lives in Barcelona, gave me the bull for Christmas and is always really pleased to see it on display when he visits.

The Dining Room – The Boxes of Art - No Place Like Home. “How soulful a place is can be measured by how many objects made by the hands of its inhabitants surround you.  These beautiful boxes were made by my daughter Fausta. She is also a writer; she produced her first play, Shallow Breath, this year.”

I was born, lucky me
In a land that I love
Though I am poor, I am free
When I grow I shall fight
For this land I shall die
Let her sun never set

The Dining Room – Framed Posters. “These posters were given away at the Frieze Art Fair in London several years back.  I’m ashamed to say I can’t remember the artist’s name.  I just adore the power of what may seem like a very strong, positive, almost innocent message about national identity, yet when applied to the Holy Land, in three different languages, the result is deadly. Reminds me of the Bob Dylan's song, With God on Our Side.”
The Drawing Room – No Smoking in the Courtroom sign. “The last place I lived in America was in an apartment on 7th Street between Avenues A and B.  At that time (early 80’s) the East Village was a very rough and tumble place crammed with artists and small galleries.  You could get plenty of cocktails and some groceries but you couldn’t buy anything useful, like a hammer or a pair of jeans.  Each street had a different drug associated with it.  7th was a cocaine street which meant you had a lot of jumped up Puerto Ricans and Cubans cleaning their cars with vigor and gusto to blaring Salsa music at 2 in the morning on a summer’s night.  I found this sign on a skip.  It’s been making me laugh for 30 years.”

The Kitchen – Fridge Magnets. “I was given a bunch of fridge magnets with Shakespearean insults.  Keep Calm and Write On, helps me when the anxiety of writing sends me to the fridge.  Reminds me to shut the door and go back to the computer.”


The Stairs. “I love sitting in window seats and I wanted to encourage other people to do so too. So I wrote this poem



faster than



-and catch


I always meant to carpet those stairs but I never have the money and anyway I’m sentimental about covering up that memory.”

Ring Bell if you

feel Love

The Stairs:  Landing – Blackboard. “There are two bells.  One has a clapper and the other one doesn’t.  A kind of a Zen joke.  Like the one about the tree falling in the wood and if no one hears it, has the tree really fallen? It’s always a nice thing when you’re downstairs sitting in the drawing room and you hear the bell ring because it means one of your friends is happy.”

The Bathroom. Let’s Get Lost poster.  “I was freshly married and we were living in Rome when this Bruce Weber film was being shot and our friend, the late, great, Kermit Smith was their distributor.  Being huge Chet Baker fans we were thrilled to be invited to the wrap party outside of Rome which Bruce Weber shot and put in the end.  Chet Baker died falling out of a window in Amsterdam the year the film came out.  He was only 59.”

The Bathroom. Mirror - Yankees Ticket.  “We were lucky enough to go to one of the last games played in the old Shea Stadium in New York City.  It was one of those glorious summer days where everything hums with heatJeter was playing and the game was good.”

  Good Morning

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Treviso Day Three: Riviera di Santa Margherita - Modesign/Fashion at IUAV 2014 – MA Graduation Fashion Show

Treviso Day Three: Riviera di Santa Margherita - Modesign/Fashion at IUAV 2014 – MA Graduation Fashion Show. The IUAV Universita di Venezia, MA fashion graduation show was curated by Fabio Quaranta, Cristina Zamagni and Michel Bergamo. As the packed three days of events came to an end, before the dinner, the MA graduation show took place at sunset on the banks of the  flowing river Sile in the center of Treviso.
Above. The mayor Treviso Giovanni Manildo and Maria Luisa Frisa curator, fashion historian, author and director of the degree program in Fashion Design at the Università IUAV di Venezia.

Photographs by Francesco de Luca and Laura Bolzan – courtesy IUAV

IUAV Fashion/Design: MA Graduation Show 2014 – Magda Abdel Hafith

Photographs by Francesco de Luca and Laura Bolzan – courtesy IUAV

IUAV Fashion/Design: MA Graduation Show 2014 – Martina Bruna

 Photographs by Francesco de Luca and Laura Bolzan – courtesy IUAV

IUAV Fashion/Design: MA Graduation Show 2014 – Gianluca Ferracin

IUAV Fashion/Design: MA Graduation Show 2014 – Mattia Gobbo

 Photographs by Francesco de Luca and Laura Bolzan – courtesy IUAV

IUAV Fashion/Design: MA Graduation Show 2014 – Katerina Karpenko

 Photographs by Francesco de Luca and Laura Bolzan – courtesy IUAV

IUAV Fashion/Design: MA Graduation Show 2014 – Irene Miele

 Photographs by Francesco de Luca and Laura Bolzan – courtesy IUAV

IUAV Fashion/Design: MA Graduation Show 2014 Jie Shan

Treviso - Basilico 13


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